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Workshops & Training Courses - David L. Derrick
Name: David Derrick
 Telephone: 601-638-7717
Cellular: 601-218-7717
  • Taught 16 three to five day workshops in 2006 for over 900 students
  • Workshop coordinator for all ERDC Hydraulic Lab PROSPECT courses taught from 1998 to present.
  • Developer and sole instructor for 3-day comprehensive workshops (with field trips) on “Stream Investigation, Stabilization, and Restoration”, Manhattan, NY (July 2004) and Buffalo, NY (Apr 2004).
  • Co-developed and co-instructor for the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) 3-day course “Introduction to Stream Investigation, Stabilization, and Restoration” Houston, TX (Dec 2004); Buffalo, NY (Sept 2004); Portland, OR (July 2004); St. Paul (June 2004); Charlotte, NC (Mar 2004); Scottsdale, AZ (Feb 2004); and St. Louis, MO (Nov 2003).
  • Co-developer and main instructor for a 3-day course “Stream and Riparian Area Investigation, Analysis, and Design Workshop” Auburn, NY (Sept 2004)
  • Co-developer and instructor “Workshop on Restoration of Riparian Zones for Water Quality and Ecological Functions” Louisville, KY (Aug 2004); Phoenix, AZ (Sept 2003); and Louisville, KY (July 2002).
  • Co-developer, instructor, and field trip coordinator for a 4-day comprehensive workshop “Watershed and Stream Analysis and Design for Planners, Project Managers, and Regulators”, Grenada, MS (Aug 2004)
  • Co-developer and instructor for 3-day workshop “Importance, Threats, Protection, and Restoration of Streams and Associated Riparian Areas for Water Quality and Ecological Functions”, Charlestown, NH (Aug 2004)
  • Co-developer and Instructor of 2-day “Stream Realignment and Restoration Workshop for McKinstry Creek”, DOT realignment project, Ellicottville, NY (June 2004)
  • Developer and sole instructor for one to three-day workshops (with field trips) on “Stream Investigation, Stabilization, and Restoration”: Van Buren, MO (Apr 2004); Atlanta, GA (May 2004); Salem, AR (Aug 2003); Tallahassee, FL (Apr 2003); Cincinnati (Mar 2003); Grenada, MS (Jan 2003); Yankton, SD (Jan 2003), Peapack and Gladstone, NJ (Sept 2002); Buffalo, NY (July 2002); Ventura, CA (June 2002); Manhattan, KS (June 2002); Kingman, KS (June 2002); Bismark, ND (May 2002); Pittsburgh, PA (Mar 2002); Galesburg, IL (Feb 2002), Jackson, TN (Aug 2001); Philadelphia (Apr 2001); Los Angeles (Oct 2000); Las Vegas (Sept 2000); Clinton, NJ (May 2000); San Francisco (Mar 2000);; Jackson, WY (Sept 1997); Garrison Ft. Belvoir (Sept 1997); Oxford, PA (June 1997); Paris, TX (Jan 1997);Byrd, IL (Aug 1997); Alton IL (Mar 1997); Alton, IL (June 1996); Seattle (Sept 1995); and Hanover, NH (Dec 1993).
  • With Wayne Kinney (NRCS-IL) co-developed and taught three 1-day classes on “Bendway Weirs and LPSTP for NRCS Personnel”, various locations, State of IL ((Aug 2002)
  • With John McCullah, Salix Applied Earthcare, Redding, CA) developed and taught two 3-day classes, “Biotechnical Streambank Stabilization and Restoration” Fairbanks, AK (May 2002) and San Jose, CA (May 2002)
  • With Hollis Allen, co-developed and taught a 3-day class on “Stream Stabilization”, Little Rock, AR (Nov 2002).
  • Course coordinator, co-technical coordinator, group leader, and lead instructor for the ERDC-CHL 5-day PROSPECT workshop “Streambank Erosion and Protection, #285”, (Vicksburg, MS., twice a year, 1998 to present, 30-35 students per class).
  • Course coordinator, co-technical coordinator, and instructor for the ERDC-CHL 5-day PROSPECT workshop “Advanced Streambank Protection, #394” (1998 to 2005, (except 2004) & 2007 Vicksburg and Grenada, MS.
  • Instructor and lead field investigation instructor for 2 to 3 day workshops on Stream Investigation and Pipeline Protection for Equipment Operators, Sales, Engineering, and Customer Pipeliner Personnel@ for Submar, Incorporated (yearly, 2001-2007, Vicksburg, Tchula, Grenada, and Tunica, MS). Submar designs, manufactures, and installs Articulated Concrete Mattress (ACM) protection systems for pipeline protection, and stream grade and bank stabilization functions.
  • Lead coordinator and instructor for 5-day workshop, “Watershed and Stream Investigation, Analysis, and Design for Planners, Program Managers, and Regulators” (2004 & 2006, Grenada, MS).
  • Lead coordinator, and instructor for multi-laboratory 5-day training workshop, “Watershed Analysis & Protection” for five Plata Basin (South American) countries (9/03).
  • Lead coordinator and instructor for 5-day workshop, “Watershed and Stream Investigation, Analysis, and Design for Engineers” (Sept 2005, Grenada, MS).
  • Class Coordinator for all PROSPECT workshops presented by the ERDC Hydraulic Laboratory
  • Co-developed and instructed at several 5-day EPA funded Streambank Stabilization Workshops, Omaha, NE (July 2000); Alton, IL (Oct 2000), Vicksburg, MS; (Feb 2001), Denver, CO (July 2001), and Louisville, KY (Aug 2001).
  • Co-developed and instructed at five 2-day EPA funded Streambank Stabilization Workshops: Paris, TX; Godfrey, IL; (1997), Denver, CO; Baltimore, MD; Mankato, MN; and Altus, OK (1998).
  • Developed and taught 3 day workshops on “Bank Stabilization for the Kansas Department of Health and Environment” in Topeka, KS and the Teton County Natural Resource District, Jackson, WY (Aug 1997 & Sep 1997)
  • Co-developed and was the main instructor (8 lectures) for a 2-day Natural Resources Conservation Service streambank protection workshop in Godfrey, IL. (Jun 1996) and co-developed and taught at a 2-day continuing education short course “Streambank Stabilization using Bioengineering Means”, for the American Society of Civil Engineers in Memphis, TN. (Mar 1997).
  • Developed and taught one-day symposiums on “Innovative Streambank Stabilization Methods for the NRCS” in Lawrenceville, IL, and Toledo, IL., the Oklahoma Department of Transportation, and the U.S. Army at Ft. Belvoir, VA (all during Aug and Sep 1997).
  • Developed and chaired two Corps-wide workshops focused on “Dike Repair Criteria and Repair Methods” (Feb 1987), and “River Training Structure Design for Navigation Channel Improvement Through Constricted Bends” (Feb 1989).

Instructor for short courses, and select conference presentations:
  • Presenter of a 1.5 hr technical session at an NRCS urban stream restoration conference, Urbana, IL (Feb 2002).
  • Technical session instructor (1.5 hrs) at the Kansas Wetlands and Stream Conference, Overland Park, KS (Aug 2003)
  • Three presentations (innovative case studies) at the COE, Corps-Wide Geotextile Tube Workshop, New Orleans, LA (July 2003)
  • Co-developed and instructed in course on stream investigation and stabilization with field trip, Lincoln, IL (July 2001).
  • Co-developed and instructed at an 8-hour bioengineering short course at the ASCE Denver conference on stream restoration.(Apr 1998)

Instructor at the following ERDC-WES week-long PROSPECT courses:
  • Hydraulic Design of Shallow Draft Channels (1990); Hydraulic Design For Project Engineers & Planners (1990, 1992); Sedimentation Investigations (1990); Hydraulic Design of Flood Control Channels (1991); Hydraulic Design of Movable-bed Flood Control Channels (1993); and Streambank Erosion and Protection (1995-1997).

International Erosion Control Association Conferences:
  • Co-instructor for a technical session “How to Use Biotechnical Methods for Streambank Protection” at the IECA’s 26th Annual Convention (1995), sole instructor for a 4-hour technical session “New Methods for Better Performance” at IECA’s 28th Annual Conference (1997), presented a 3-hour class on “How to Perform a Stream Investigation of a Bank Erosion Problem” at the IECA’s Annual Conferences in both 1998 and 2001, conducted a tour of three of my innovative stabilization projects on Las Vegas Wash during the 2001 IECA conference, taught a 3-hr technical session “THE USE OF INDIRECT METHODS FOR STREAMBANK STABILIZATION” at IECA Orlando(2002), co-instructor for two 8 hr classes,”Environmentally Sensitive Streambank Stabilization (www.E-SenSS.com)”, and “Enhancing Erosion Control Projects in Riparian Areas to Provide Improved Physical and Ecological Functions” plus a 4-hr technical session “How to Read a Stream” (IECA Las Vegas 2003), and taught a 4-hour technical session “Goal and Function-Based Design for Stream and Riparian Areas”, IECA Philadelphia, PA (2004). Taught a 4-hr technical session “Innovative Stream Stabilization” (IECA Reno 2007)